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Buenos Aires

Tango mi amor

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Buenos Aires is one of those cities you just need to visit because it´s so famous. It´s got a good vibe to it. We arrived early Sunday morning when this vibe is dead. Almost nothing was open and it was quite chilly and overcast. We made our way to the hostel, our bed wasn´t ready yet so we had to wander for a while. Got lost on the subway system there but eventually got back to the room after lunch time for a shower then we headed to San Telmo. The bohemian tango heart of Buenos Aires. There´s an antiques market there on Sundays and at first we thought it was just in a building but then it spilled out into some other streets, and with it crowds and street performers and it a very good atmosphere. By then it was getting sunny as well, so that helped. Later that day after a nap we headed to Recoleta where another market is, however by the time we got there it was mostly done. This one appears to be much more popular with the locals because hundreds of teenagers were meandering around amongst hippies. Also good atmosphere if one was in the mood for reggae, the smell of ganj and hoards of loud teens. We weren´t so much in the mood so we ate and headed back. The next day though, once we were more fully rested, we headed back to Recoleta to see the famous cemetary where the weathly and famous get to be buried. Obviously the concept ´you can´t bring it with you´was lost on these folks because some of their graves weren´t much of a step down from their previous lifestyle. Frivolity that easily falls into the catagory of ridiculous, it is quite a city, and really very much it´s own city. Streets, houses, streetlamps the whole enchilada. It´s very pretty to look at though and beautiful from an artistic perspective. The grave of Eva Peron, though undistinguished compared to most and apparently a source of contraversy resides within. It definitely is worth a visit.


The next day we headed to Palmero, which is technically one of the recommended ´sites´of Buenos Aires. I´m not sure why. While it is a pretty park, it wasn´t all that interesting. We went to plaza del Mayo after which has a pink palace and through the shopping area where we were able to pick up a few english books. Buenos Aires as a whole I found a bit of a typical city. The buildings were pretty but unremarkable and very European. It does have a good vibe and would probably be great to live in but I suppose I´m more interested in natural phenomena while in a continent like South America. As that was our last day we went to a tango show and that is what makes Buenos Aires worth a visit. Tango. Impressive dancing and atmosphere that makes you want to learn. Beautiful music, beautiful dancing and good food. That was the most worthwhile part of our trip.


Other Points
The people seemed decent enough. Argentina as a whole seems much more safe than Brazil. The food is all pasta and pizza and meat. I´m not sure how they live. It´s like coffee and croissants for breakfast and empanadas (meat filled pastry) for lunch and pizza or pasta for dinner. Not my style but I´ve survived thus far. The empanadas de carne are great. Beef is in great availability and value. You could get two steaks for like $5 Pesos (1.10EUR) at the grocery store. You can barely get a bottle of water here for that price. The weather has been pretty mild. Not at all hot like I would have liked but I guess when they´re coming out of winter that´s too be expected.

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